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Europe at War based on Fire & Fury

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Age of Valor is an expansion module for Age of Eagles II (AOE II is necessary to play AOV) that covers European warfare from the 1848 Hungarian Revolution thru World War I's Guns of August period 1914. AOV is primarily a digital publication PDF consisting of a series of separate conflict chapters or mini-modules. For example there is a chapter on the Russo-Japanese War 1904 - 1915, another on the Crimean War, another on the Turkish War and so on. The modules are sold separately as a digital download, though a more expensive hardcopy version is available from Dennis Shorthouse at On Military Matters. Eventually, all the chapters will be combined into a single digital publication for purchase.
Because of the unique digital distribution method of AOV, we have decided to give it its own special page for both reference and purchase via PayPal. The primary sales page is located via the Purchase AOE page listed in the vertical menu to the left. There you can select and buy the base AOE II set of rules as well as the Age of Honor Lace wars expansion and the Napoleon vs Europe 1813 - 1814 scenario book.

Product Details

AOV mini-modules are about 24 - 30 pages each and include background to the conflict, special rules or other modifications to AOE II to facilitate play, complete Leader and Unit Data Charts, access to an online reference library for detailed Public Domain publications and images on the conflict and more. Each mini-module also include one or two scenarios, each with historical background, special rules, both a full color battle maps and a planning map (without units or names overlaid) and a complete set of unit labels, all in full color. Most modifications to AOE II come in the form of Die Roll Modifiers and specific unit characteristics. Simply play AOE II with these changes, and you should do fine.
The initial  mini-modules for sale below are the Franco-Prussian War Imperial Campaign and the Franco Prussian War Republican Campaign, as well as the Crimean War. As of 27 December 2016, the following mini-modules will be released in 1 month intervals in the following order - Seven Weeks War 1866, Russo Japanese War and Risorgimento 1859. These will be followed by (not in any particular order) the Russo-Turkish War, the Danish Schleswig Holstein Question, the Hungarian Revolution 1848, the Italian Wars of Independence, the Carlist Wars  and the Guns of August 1914, both the Eastern and Western Fronts.
A free Test Drive Demo covering the Balkan Wars 1912 - 1913 and the Battle of Lule Burgas is available for review in order for customers to see exactly what kind of product they will be buying, its format and so on. Please click here for an immediate download.
Purchase Age of Valor (AOV) Modules

You can purchase AOV mini-modules below using PayPal and your credit card. Once the order has been received you will be emailed the two files for each module within 24 hours unless otherwise noted. Now, two special offers to be aware of (read carefully):
  • First, we will keep a record of your purchases and once you have purchased $ 12.00 US or more in digital mini-modules, any or all future AOV digital mini-modules are free upon your request. Simply Email the author via the Contact Us page on this Website.


  • Second, our previous sale that give you a free digital copy of any one module if you purchase any AOE paper product is now back on!!! Just use the Instruction to Seller block on PayPal or email me direct letting me know which AOV chapter you want
Finally, a word about copyright. Yes we know you can buy a single copy and then reproduce the PDF for your friends. And trust me, no one is going to come after you with a baseball bat or legal papers if you do. However, we hope the low price tag and the quality of the product will convince you otherwise, particularly given the two special offers above. 

Pennsylvania Residents Only (6% Sales Tax added), Franco-Prussian War Starter  Bundle (both Imperial and Republican Modules) - $ 6.00 US     


Rest of the World (ROW) Franco-Prussian War Starter Bundle (both Imperial and Republican Modules) - $ 6.00 US    

Pennsylvania Residents Only (6% Sales Tax added), all other Age of Valor Individual Modules - each $ 4.00 US


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Rest of the World (ROW), all other Age of Valor Individual Modules - each $ 4.00 US


Use Drop Down Menu at Right for Selection!


Please notify us immediately via our Contact Us Page if you find an error or the page functions improperly.