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Europe at War based on Fire & Fury

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Use this list of free downloads below as your reference library for ongoing product support for Age of Eagles, scenario books when published or any future additions to the L'Armee Francaise series of Fire & Fury adaptations. We also hope to provide in the near future a variety of free, ready-to-play scenarios from both the author of AOE as well as our readership. Keep us bookmarked and check back often.


All are free and all (but one) are in Adobe PDF format. Don't have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF files? Just click right here for yet another free download.


And oh BTW, dealers are welcome to download the Supplement, charts and basically everything to include in any copies of AOE they sell so long as nothing additional is charged. But above all enjoy and please contact us if you have any ideas about how to make our support to you even better.

  • UBER NEW! Age of Valor Test Drive, the Balkan Wars 1912 - 1913 - OK folks, here it is, the log awaited demo Conflict Chapter for Age of Valor, the expansion module to Age of Eagles II that covers conflict between the Great Powers of Europe from the 1948 Hungarian Revolution thru the Guns of August period of World War I in 1914. Literally if you own Age of Eagles, with this FREE download you have everything you will need to play this conflict, featuring the Battle of Lule Burgas as the sample scenario. All rule changes, data sheets and charts are right here.

    And this is also your time to make your voices heard as this demo is the actual template to be used for all the other Conflict Chapters in the Age of Valor expansion module (digital file only, $ 4.00 US @, but once you buy $ 12.00 or more, the rest are free), to include the Franco-Prussian War, Crimean War and so on. So take a look, tell me what you like and what you don't like, what works and what doesn't. One of the nifty things about digital pubs is the ability to correct, modify and then send an updated file to all customers.

    This is what the thing is going to look like folks, so don't miss this opportunity for feedback. Enjoy!!!

    Revised with new TOC page 31 October 2016.

  • Revolutionary Test Drive, 1st Empire Magazine Battle of Hohenlinden - 1st Empire Magazine has long closed its doors, but the special scenario we did for one of their issues remains, so we present it here as a sample of Age of Eagles as a platform of the French Revolution. We have gone back and Spruced things up, to include colorizing the entire scenario. This should be used with the AOE II rules set and the Quick Reference Sheet downloadable for free below, as should the following Imperial Test Drives.

  • Imperial Test Drive,  Wargames Illustrated Battle of la Souffel  - The last battle of the Napoleonic wars was in fact, a French victory, the intrepid General Rapp trouncing a combined Austro/Hessian/Wurttemburg corps led by Prince Eugene of Wurttemburg. This scenario appeared in Wargames Illustrated 331 along side my historical article "The Last Battle," so grab a copy for a good read. The scenario is provided here for free pdf download with the permission of the Editor, Wargames Illustrated, so thanks guys.

  •  Imperial Test Drive II,  Wargames Illustrated Borodino 1812 - This brand spanking new scenario was created to support an article in Wargames Illustrated covering a massive AOE recreation of the battle sponsored by Paul Olszanski and company out of Pittsburgh, PA. Additionally, the lads at WI have posted the same scenario, in glorious color, as a PDF file for everyone to download and enjoy. Just click on the link above to get yet another taste of AOE goodness, with a lot of spiffy photos to boot. And if you'd like to read a super article on the battle - written by me of course - by all means pick up the print edition of WI as well.

  • Age of Honor Test Drive, Burkerdorf, 1762  - Refight the little known battle of Burkersdorf, an unusual affair which saw Field Marshal Daun and his doughty Austrians going toe to toe against Frederick the Great and his Russian allies!?!? This preview has been recolored to look exactly like AOH, to include the snazzy new covers created by Rich Hasenauer.  Play is easy, with 90 % of getting up an running just matching the new unit data specifics to the Die Roll Modifiers on the various charts and tables that run the game. You will need Age of Eagles (II) to properly play this game, but the module will include 16 complete scenarios similar to Burkersdorf, a new Charts & Tables Quick Reference Sheet, three pages of Commanders and Leaders stats, complete Unit Data Tables, the AOE Supplement, bibliography and the kitchen sink if we can fit it in.

  • Age of Honor Test Drive II, Gadebusch 1712 Scenario  - For Age of Honor (AOH), this scenario presents a reduced scale game covering the last great Swedish victory of the Great Northern War. General Magnus Stenbock and the tiny Swedish army engage Danish King Frederick IV and his gaggle of Danes and Saxons, with the fate of the city of Stralsund hanging in the balance. Pistol packing Kurassieren, Ga Pa and pike toting Swedes, our new style maps, heck it just doesn't get any better than this. Like Burkersdorf above, use the Age of Honor QRS, downloadable below.

  • Blank Labels- In Microsoft Word .doc format, completely editable and great for making your own scenarios.

  • NEW! AOE 2d Edition Charts and Tables - As above, brand new and included here for those folks who do not want to rip their reference sheet out of the book. I print mine on heavy buff or ivory stock.

  • AOH Charts and Tables - In full color, so you will not have to tear the copy out of your Age of Honor expansion module booklet. 

  • French Revolutionary Flags - Provided by and scaled down to 15 mm by the author, you might have to squint to read the Demi-Brigade numbers, but they are colorful!

  • French 1812 Cavalry Flags - After trying to find these things thru vendors like Cotton Jim's, who don't make them, and Signifer, who is out of business, I decided to make my own. This is a single sheet pdf file with 15mm 1812 pattern French cavalry flags drawn from the French site, with permission. The flag is actually that of the 1st Cuirassiers, but given how small the flag is, no one will ever be able to read the letting to know the difference. Enjoy!

  •  Other Stuff - This includes old scenarios, charts and tables for AOE I, etc. Just Email the author and he will take care of your request.


Age of Eagles Grognard Scenarios - Direct from their very well designed Website at, Steve and the gang from Susquehanna Historical Gamers (York, PA) have graciously allowed us to publish links direct to their well designed list of Age of Eagles scenarios. The list, for the most part at least, contains set up instructions for smaller battles, so folks with space and time constraints are especially encouraged to check this stuff out. Enjoy!
























 Photo above from the Susquehanna Wargamers Website, used with permission.