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Europe at War based on Fire & Fury

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But don't worry, we will have some other sales hitting the street, and check out our Age of Valor special we have just reinstated. Buy any AOE paper product listed below, and receive any one Age of Valor digital module FREE. Just let me know by Email or the Instructions to Seller block in PayPal to let me know which one you want.


AND BTW, LOOKING FOR AGE OF VALOR? Heck, its such a special product line, we gave it its own exclusive page. Just click here!


Otherwise . . . you still have the option of buying AOE products online direct. You may order just the scenario book, or bundled with the basic rules set if you prefer, and we have just added the Age of Honor, Age of Eagles II, similar bundles and lots of discounts. 

Simply use the PayPal buttons below to make your purchase depending upon whether you are a Pennsylvania resident (we have to the Governor his 6 %) or reside in another US state or overseas. As you go thru the process PayPal will provide shipping options of Domestic Priority Post (free) or International Priority Air (we pay half). 

NEW! Media Mail - for those who want their products in absolutely pristine condition when they arrive (not always possible when using USPS Priority Flat Rate envelopes), we offer, to our US customers only, the Media Mail option. The postage is still free, but your books will come in a box packed in newspaper or bubble wrap. However, please realize that Media Mail is very slow, the cost you pay for such a low cost alternative to parcel post, Priority and so on. Just note that you want Media Mail in the PayPal comments or notes to vendor section when you order.


NEW! Return Policy - If your goods have been damaged by us (such as a missing page, back cover reversed upside down and so on), you get a free replacement postage free. Just contact us. If the Post Office damaged your goods (and be reasonable here folks, or order Media Mail), as a courtesy we will provide a free one-time replacement. Media Mail will be used in this case for US customers. Otherwise, you will need to take it up with your postal service.


Distributors and Retailers - Please contact us for terms and discounts for your business. For even more savings we can even deliver our products right to your booth at any of HMGS East's three conventions (Historicon, Cold Wars and Fall In), thus eliminating the cost of postage.


Payment - Note the 10 PayPal payment options below, and we do have Age of Honor and Age of Eagles II in stock. Also note that Age of Eagles is required to properly play Age of Honor and future expansion modules such as Age of Valor. 

Litko Templates and Markers - see the two links below:

  • Age of Eagles Artillery and Musketry Template - click here!
  • Age of Eagles Status Tokens (Disordered, etc) - click here!