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Not the ultimate collection by any means, but simply a list of sites I find myself always referencing as I continue my endless journal thru the fascinating age of Napoleon and the French Revolution. And when the Lace Wars and hyphonated wars (Franco-Prussian, etc) variants finally make their appearance, then we will add even more links for these two periods of history as well. 


Certainly there are literally thousands more, far too many for me to ever list here on this or several pages. However, don't let that stop you from submitting a recommendation or two or three or enven four. If you know of a site you think would be appropriate for inclusion, please let me know! It doesn't even have to be Napoleonic related - remember we are planning on a Lace Wars variant and one for the era of the Franco-Prussian and other hyphonated wars. Also please drop me a line if one of the links below turns up dead (thanks). Regardless, this should get you started. Enjoy, and please check out our own Webpage chock full of Age of Eagles specific downloads.


And once again, thanks to Dave Bonk and the gang for all the nifty figures and photos.

  • Los Araphiles - Very nice Spanish site on the battle of Salamanca, complete with an excellent diorama using Fantassin miniatures.
  • Operational Studies Group - Kevin Zucker's group and publishers of exceptional cardboard Napoleonic wargames, many adaptable to miniature campaign systems (remember Napoleon's Last Battles and Napoleon at Bay 1814 - this firm).
  • Napitalia - Well done site on the army of the Kingdom of Italy with color uniform plates.
  • Mouillard Plates - The entire book in French, but with all the color plates on the regiments, uniforms and flags of the army of Louis XV.  





  • Feldzuge des Prinzen Eugen von Savoyen - by the Imperial Austrian General Staff, nearly all volumes available in the Public Domain for free download via the Internet Archive. Please Note!!! We decided to use this site  - if at all possible - rather than Google Books direct due to its ability to download not only pdfs, but also a number of EReader formats such as Epub or MOBI (for Kindle). However, please note that foreign language works often don't convert well to Ereader formats, and in some cases Google has the only avialble copy, or more available volumes than the Internet Archive.

    ALSO NOTE! We intend to capture all these pubs as downloads and store them for free public access on the AOE SharePoint server in a series of folders we call Reference Portals, thus avoiding the capricious nature of changing URLs rampant with Google Books and other sponsors. Keep checking back for more information, as we have a lot of volumes to sort through.

    Now, here is our first, the Alison's Napoleonic Atlas Reference Portal - click here for all 118 Public Domain images.

  • Life and Memoires of Count Schulenburg - in German, the remembrances of one of Prinz Eugene of Savoy's best field generals (with fantastic facts about Malplaquet), in the Public Domain ready for free download via Google Books.

  • Die Kriege Friedrichs des Grossen - by the Imperial German General Staff's 2d Historical Detachment, all volumes in the Public Domain for free download via Internet Archive.

  • Der Siebenjahrige Krieg, 1756 - 1763 - another German General Staff study, primarily a variant on the work above, free download.

  • Fontenoy and Great Britain's Share of the War of Austrian Succession - Francis Henry Skrine's 1906 classic in the Public Domain for free download.

  • Les Campagnes du Marechal de Saxe - by Jean Lambert Alphonse Colin of the Historical Section, French General Staff, only one volume available in the Public Domain via Google Books.

  • Von Rossbach bis Jena-Auerstadt - the German classic on the fall of the German army by Colmar, Freiherr von der Goltz.

  • Le Campagne de 1805 in Allemagne - the French classic by Jean Lambert Alphonse Colin, all volumes, in the Public Domain for free download via Google books.

  •  La Bataille d'Austerlitz- although in French, the book is by an Austrian commander present at the battle, Karl von Stutterheim, and thus provides a uniquely Allied perspective of Napoleron's greatest victory. 



Pictures above courtesy David Bonk and the Triangle Simulation Society