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Europe at War based on Fire & Fury

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This new Website supports the Age of Eagles (AOE) series of miniature wargaming rule books, all developed from the very popular BOFF ACW rules by Richard Hasenauer. It replaces our previous Website hosted at, which terminated due to lack of funding from its parent company. Not to worry, we were ready to go.

So here you will find online purchasing, continuous after sale support for AOE and all expansions, plus lots of free downloads to include battle scenarios and the Periodic Supplement. Plus you can always Email the author to get a personal response, check in with the doughty lads on our 3000 + member Yahoo Group, or even follow us  on Facebook. And please don't forget the folks who started it all over at Fire and Fury, which now includes support for both Battlefront and Regimental BOFF. Never heard of BOFF? Enlist in our Yahoo Group to learn more!

                                     Picture above right, Age of Honor Luzzara 1702 by Mitch Osborne. Painting "Friedland 1807" by Jean-Louis Ernest Meissonier (1815 - 91) and in the Public Domain.



Fully revised and ready to play, AOE II is NOT a full color glossy coffee table book, but rather an evolutionary progression of the rules we produced 10+ years ago. All changes are underlined and integrated directly into the text of the book. These modifications include grammar and vocabulary corrections, interpretations of current rules, to include those ported directly from BOFF, new rules from the author as well as from our world class 3000+ member Yahoo Group, and finally new army lists - notably the Ottomans - and a slew of new generals and army commanders, all rated and listed in table format for your gaming pleasure. The same treatment has also been given the Quick Reference Sheet.


AOE II is now available from many hobby stores, and also by ordering direct from the author (which would be me, ahem). Simply click here to go to our convenient PayPal order page. Good gaming and thanks.


Age of Valor is an expansion set for AOE II that covers European conflict from the Hungarian Revolution in 1814 thru the Guns of August 1914. Our forever free Balkan Wars 1912 - 13 Test Drive beta-demo is now available for download, review and comment. Future Conflict Chapters will be $ 4.00 each digital,  after you purchase three, the rest are free. More info coming!
Apologies but the US Postal Service has implemented a price increase for shipping Priority Mail overseas. The Domestic USA costs also increased, but it was pretty low  so AOE will continue to offer free shipping. We will also continue to pay half the costs for overseas shipping. In general terms this means  a Priority Mail Flat Rate envelope with three books going to Mexico or Canada will now cost the customer $ 11.50 +/- (I pay the other half). Anywhere else in the world the patron will pay around $ 16.00 US for the same thing. Sorry, but it is what it is.
Still free postage and it is slow, but packed in a box with bubble to insure a pristine condition on arrive. US Customers only. Please click here for more information.